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Friday, September 30, 2005

Cold Snap

Darkness, 34 degrees and not even October yet. I push my bike out of the garage through the man door to avoid the garage door opener waking my 10-month old sleeping son. My wife still asleep in bed catching a few extra winks before the little one awakes with his seemingly endless energy. No wind, I start pedaling and the cold wind resistance from my 15 mph pace hits me like a brick wall. I try to stay positive by thinking if it were January this would be a balmy day. I start doubting why I do this every morning as I pass house after house still dark. After about 5 minutes I cut through the mountain bike trails and all of a sudden I’m in nature and I notice the sunrise to my right lighting up the wispy clouds in all kinds of red, pinks, blues…a beauty I probably would not have noticed in a car distracted by the idiot cutting me off or the radio advertising stuff I don’t need. I round the corner in the trail and two deer are standing at the edge of the trail. They’ve seen me before and just watch as I go by. By now my heart is pumping and I’m actually starting to sweat a bit, no longer cold, the sunrise is now brighter and more beautiful. I pop out of the trails, through another subdivision and enter a business district where I see $2.84 as the current price for a gallon of gas. I’m feeling better now and remember I bike to save money so my wife can stay home with our son, I’ve had a front seat view of a magnificent sunrise, witnessed the morning routine of two deer and now that I arrive to work I anticipate the hot shower that will feel good after this crisp fall ride into work. It takes longer, it is cold until your heart starts pumping…but I wouldn’t trade it for the benefits. Biking to work is living life in stereo.

Enjoy the ride…


At 1:12 AM, Blogger Solitary Dreamer said...

Nice. Wish I had the gumption or motivation to bike to uni. Or wake up early. Btw, I was reading what you said about comments. Don't bother about them. Write for you. If others wanna come along for the ride, or register their interest, they will. A blog is supposed to be about personal reflections, no?

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Jay said...

Great point, if I were only interested in comments and traffic that seems more like advertising which is most definitely not the point of all this.


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